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  Northam News Briefing 10-28-2020

Gov. Ralph Northam holding a news briefing in Richmond.

  Gov. Northam talks potential kidnapping

  Northam Briefing 10-13-20

Gov. Ralph Northam news briefing in Richmond for 10-13-2020.

  Northam Press Briefing 9-15-20

Gov. Northam holding a press briefing in Richmond Tuesday, Sept. 15.

  Northam Press Event 9-1-20

Governor Ralph Northam holding a press briefing in Richmond Tuesday, September 1.

  Gov. Northam 06-04-20 Briefing

Gov. Northam announces the statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond will be coming down, "as soon as possible," during a press briefing Thursday, June 4.

  Thousands rally in Richmond over gun rights

Authorities are estimating around 22,000 people attended a peaceful gun rally in Richmond late Monday morning.

  Congressman Riggleman discusses separating personal from professional while in Washington D.C.

In Washington representing Virginia’s 5th District, Denver Riggleman says he’s spoken his mind and been true to himself, regardless of how others might see that

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