We have new details about an unsolved double murder that occurred in Staunton 41 years ago.

Back in 1967, Constance Heavener, 19, and 20-year-old Carolyn Perry were shot and killed in Staunton's High's Ice Cream Store, but the case was never solved.

Now, an informant, who says she told police she knew who the killer might be, is talking to NBC29. She says the person who killed the two women may have been the same woman who showed her a gun before the murders occurred.  The informant says the woman told her she was going to kill one of the girls.

The informant passed it off as just talk until the killings happened. After the murders of Hevener and Perry, the informant told her story to police but was dismissed.

Now gravely ill, she told her story again to a man who had been privately investigating the case, opting not go to police because they didn't listen to her four decades ago.

Police will only say there is new evidence in the reopned case and that no suspect has been arrested.

Reported by NBC29 HD News