For a week, problems inside the Landmark Hotel project on Charlottesville's downtown mall have played out in public. Financing, personalities and construction schedules have all been part of the mix.

Tuesday night, Landmark Hotel's developer, Lee Danielson, appeared before the city's board of architectural review about a number of changes to the original design of the hotel. Changes included larger windows, proportion and façade detail alterations. The BAR signed off on a majority of the changes.

Even though there has been a public debate about the finances of the hotel, construction continued Tuesday on the nine story building. Danielson says the work speaks for itself and the everything is on track.

The BAR says there's not much wiggle room for the hotel owner, Halsey Minor, if the finances fall through because a majority of the skeleton of the hotel is up. Our calls to Minor were not returned Tuesday.

Reported by Henry Graff
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