Reported by Leyla Santiago
May 21, 2007

The family of a young woman killed in November in what's been called up to this point a hit-and-run is speaking out to push the investigation forward. They hope pressure will do what police work has not and that's catch a killer.

Up until now, this death has been reported as a hit and run, but now police are calling it an undetermined death.  

Stephen and Heidi Swartz say they can not move on with their life until they find the killer of their daughter Justine. "We want to know what happened. We want to know who killed our daughter and we want justice for our daughter because she did not deserve this," said Stephen Swartz.  

In November 2006, Justine Abshire's body was found off Route 618 in Barboursville. Her car reportedly broke down and her husband went to pick her up...and found his wife's body in the middle of the road. 

Heidi Swartz said that she and her husband have asked Eric Abshire for more information. "We've asked him repeatedly. He doesn't seem to have answers that make sense to us. He's been asked to take a polygraph test. I know that the police asked him. He told us they did. We've asked him to do it just to clear his name," shared Heidi Swartz,

When NBC29 asked Eric Abshire if he had taken a polygraph test, he said, "No, I have not because I was advised not to."   

Abshire says he doesn't have any more answers. "I can tell you what happened up until the point she left the house. After that you know, it's...I have no knowledge of anything once she left the house."

NBC29 then asked Abshire, "Is there any reason to believe you may have killed her?"

Abshire replied, "No, not at all. And I don't appreciate the accusations or questions, ma'am."

The Swartz family is not comfortable with their son-in-law's silence. "Give us the answers that we need. Tell us what we need to know. Tell us the truth," said Stephen Swartz.  

Police are still waiting on DNA evidence from the lab.

The reward money has been raised to $50,000. Anyone who has any information that may be of value should call Special Agent Mike Jones at 1-800-572-2260.