CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Trees produce oxygen, absorb harmful pollutants, like carbon dioxide and provide a home to birds and insects but, the tree population in Charlottesville is rapidly declining, but two organizations are working to reverse that trend. This is the second year the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards are partnering with Charlottesville Tree Commission members to plant more trees on private property in the Belmont area of Charlottesville.

"Well, we are very concerned about the loss of canopy in Charlottesville. It is a reality that there's a lot of development going on, trees are being cut, naturally, these a lot of these are old trees. They have to be cut down, and it's expensive to replace them. We're trying to help that effort," Rosanne Simon, with the Charlottesville Tree Stewards, said.

The groups planted 25 trees that have a purpose. "The goal of this tree planting initiative is to put these within 15 feet of the street. So we are actually providing shade onto the streets, we are providing more walkable streets, we are providing better, really, community streets," Chairman of Charlottesville Tree Commission Paul Josey said.

The trees are also bringing neighbors together. "I think this is something that's just another experience to get out there, help your neighbor and, I think, in turn, like it just builds like a stronger community," volunteer Jen Jessup said.

Money does not grow on trees and the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards and the Charlottesville Tree Commission are working on a way to fund more plantings and to help neighborhoods with few trees benefit.