CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville man once charged with possession of an explosive device is now free.

Robert Jamaul Pryor was initially arrested on the morning of September 9 after being pulled over for expired tags on Locust Avenue. It ended Thursday when the commonwealth officially dropped the felony explosive possession charge against him.

An officer asked to search Pryor's car after she smelled marijuana. After officers found what they called a "suspicious device" in the trunk of his Lexus, they called in the bomb squad to detonate it.

At that time, Pryor told NBC29 that it was a tire pressure gauge put in his trunk by the dealership where he bought the car. In court, prosecutors say the police investigation confirmed that's exactly what it was, and the charges were dropped.

At this time, Pryor had no comment on the felony being dropped. He still faced charges stemming from marijuana possession and traffic violations. For those, he'll have a restricted driver's license for six months and faces a suspended $100 fine.