A board being created to rebuild the trust between the Charlottesville Police Department and the community is becoming a reality. On Monday night, city councilors voted to approve the bylaws for a Police Civilian Review Board.

There is still a long process ahead of having a fully seated CRB in Charlottesville. However, on Monday night, councilors passed an ordinance which is the first step in that process.

Members of the initial CRB, Legal Aid Justice Center and The People's Coalition presented council some amendments they felt should be considered for the board. City councilors chose to adopt some of those amendments like what kind of policy the CRB can review.

Councilors voted four-to-one to pass the bylaws which establish the board, but some community members were still critical of councilor’s decisions not to adopt all of the amendments.

"You have basically gutted the proposal from the original CRB, and I say shame on you for doing that,” said Walt Heinecke, who lives in Charlottesville.

"We’ve done something that took people years to do and I think what we're asking for is really not a lot it’s just making people accountable for their actions,” said Rosia Parker, initial CRB member.

The board will also have an executive director. That person will be responsible for presenting a report regarding police department data by June of 2020.

The proposal allows councilors to appoint members in closed session. They hope to have board members appointed by the end of the year.