NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - On Friday night, Blue Mountain Brewery hosted Punkin-Chunkin. Punkin-Chunkin’s an event where people shoot pumpkins from a slingshot to hit a target.

Every Halloween, the brewery hosts some kind of event like a costume contest, pumpkin carving or a party. However, this year, it decided to have an adults-only activity where people could have a beer in one hand and a pumpkin in the other.

People pulled the slingshot back as far as they could, and then released it - launching the pumpkin about 100 feet down a hop field trying to hit the bullseye.

"Out in Nelson County there's not a lot of places for people to go, we're famous for our breweries, distilleries and wineries and stuff like that, but yeah it's all very family-oriented, but on a day when we all lose our base customers it's fun to give locals who don't have kids or have older kids something adult-oriented to do,” said Taylor Smack, brewmaster.

Not many people hit the target, but if they did, they won a prize or a free beer. Each person got three tries.

This year was the first year of Punkin-Chunkin and staff says it was successful. They hope to make this an annual event.