WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - A lot of things change over time, but in Waynesboro, there's been one constant for decades.

Corporal Jim Short of the Waynesboro Police Department is celebrating an important career milestone. The city’s longest-tenured police department employee is celebrating 40 years of service.

Affectionately nicknamed “Corporal Lugnut” by Chief Michael Wilhelm, Short has become a mainstay of the Waynesboro community.

“Jim is…you know he’s a legend,” said Chief Wilhelm.

Short came on the job on October 1, 1979 before making his way through the ranks. He spent 10 years on SWAT then did 22 years of shift work.

“I always thought it was corny, but not really…I really like to help people,” Short said.

Nowadays, the 65-year-old grandfather oversees the department’s 33 vehicles. Recently, the city gave the green light for a take-home car program and Short will add about 15 more cars to the fleet.

Wilhelm says it will be a sad day when Short leaves, but he hopes to bring him back part-time.