ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Cale Elementary School is searching for a new name and Albemarle County is asking students at Cale for their ideas in choosing the new one.

In the process of re-naming Cale Elementary School, third through fifth grade students there get to provide their input. The school says it's a unique position to be in, but one that gives them the opportunity to showcase their values and hear student's voices.

"If we really value our student's voices, which we tell them all the time, then this is a way where we can really put our money where our mouth is, and say, 'Yeah, students, you have the opportunity,’” said Cale Principal Cyndi Wells.

The students are being asked to submit ideas based on location, themes or values. The re-naming process is not looking to name the school after another historical figure. Some of the most popular responses are location-based, such as Mountain View, Southside, and Biscuit Run.

"Something that could represent everybody and all races are welcome here and that are nice things," said Cale student Lyndzie Dominguez.

Students can submit their suggestions online or in-person by dropping ideas into a suggestion box near the school's entrance. From the dozens of ideas, the county will narrow it down to five options which will then be presented to the re-naming committee for a final vote.

Albemarle County says even though the online survey has only been open for a few days, they've already received dozens of suggestions. Cale student Addis Tesfai suggested “Stop Bullying” and fellow student Clark Wilson says the school should be named “Dogwood” after the state flower.

"They're really taking this very seriously and not going to submit silly names, but let's submit ... what do we want people to know about our school and our identity," Wells said.

According to Wells, the name change is an adjustment students are still getting used to.

"Once the decision was made that our name was going to change, that unlocked a variety of emotions, as you can imagine," Wells said.

Some students aren’t sure changing the name is the right idea.

“I’ve been here for like a lot of years and I never knew it was going to change and I...don't feel like changing."

Cale administrators say the decision to change the name of the school was out of their hands. However, they are glad the choice of the new name isn’t.

"Our name is changing, our identity is not,” Wells said. “We are still going to have the same joys, the same challenges, and it's really on us now to move forward."

The community is also invited to submit their suggestions. You can find a link to that online survey here.