CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Wednesday night, voters in Charlottesville got the chance to hear from some experts on election security.

Experts say election security is critical to ensuring fair election outcomes and promoting trust. A conversation at Decipher Brewing Company in Charlottesville helped people know what security measures are in place to achieve that goal.

"The bigger one to me is going to be the disinformation and social media campaigns, where you're confusing voters, you're changing things and trying to get them to either not vote or vote for the wrong candidate," said Chief Technology Officer Joseph DePlato.

Experts always want to remind people to fact check information off the internet.

"Always treat everything with a grain of salt,” DePlato said. “Do not believe everything that you read online." 

Another big threat to elections is people who try to interfere. 

"These voting machines, internet connected we have a pretty decent defense system around those, but it's always going to be a vulnerability and a threat," DePlato said.

To help combat that, Virginia uses an optical scan paper ballot system.

"The voter actually marks a paper ballot, the paper ballot is scanned and counted, but if there's ever any question about the outcome of the election, we still have all those paper ballots and can count them by hand again if we need to," said Secretary of the Electoral Board Jim Knix.

 Knix says voters in Charlottesville have nothing to worry about after their ballot is cast.

"We make sure the ballots are protected, the voting machines are kept under lock and key, the election is set up so the results will be accurate," Knix said.

Experts remind people to make sure their voter registration is up-to-date and to know their voting locations are. Election Day is November 5.