WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Big changes at Waynesboro’s North Park are expected to make the South River more accessible while also benefiting the environment.

Waynesboro Parks and Recreation is working with the Mercury Remediation Project to put the greenway closer to the river. In the short term, crews will clear some trees and brush. Then they'll reshape the berm and cap the area keeping contaminated soil from leaking into the river.

It’s all part of the city's work with Dupont to clean up the water ways from mercury that was leaked into them. Once crews are finished, the area will be replanted and the Greenway Trail will be laid down.

"Once the project is fully completed, there'll be better access to the river,” said Dwayne Jones of Waynesboro Parks and Recreation. “They're helping us install our kayak launch so folks can access the river, and then what's called a ‘rock toe slope’ down at the base of the river so folks can either fish, or enjoy the river that is not available to them now."

The mercury remediation work at North Park is slated to start in December and is funded at no cost to the tax payers.