CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Planning is underway to ensure a part of Charlottesville’s history tells the full story of the people who inhabited the space.

The Historic Resources Committee is determining the scope of how it wants to honor the history of Court Square in Charlottesville. It’s also determining who the audience would be.

Right now, the committee is considering adding new markers to Court Square to honor the real scope of its history. This means telling the stories of slaves who were bought and sold there and the black families displaced after the 1920s.

“To see this sanitation of court square, removing things that we don't want here…we would like to see these homes and the black community moved elsewhere,” said historic preservation and design planner Jeff Werner.

There are currently nine markers that tell stories like that of McKee block, a once bustling commerce area. A small plaque on the ground designates it as a former slave market.

Committee members said school children and visitors to Charlottesville are who they envision will be the audience for these markers and they want to strike the right tone while telling all of that history in so few words.