CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - City leaders and developers are celebrating the start of Phase Two of construction at Dairy Central in Charlottesville, which will bring more affordable housing to the city.

Wednesday afternoon, several city councilors and other leaders are gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony to learn more about the project off Preston Avenue. They talked about the impact the project will have on housing in the Charlottesville area. 

The building will have 180 apartment units, 15 of which will become affordable housing. The one and two bedroom apartments at 10th and Grady will start around $1,200 a month.

"It's meeting two goals at once," said City Councilor Kathy Galvin. "Repurposing our really limited land resources, getting more residential units, which you get the supply, to a point you'll start seeing unit prices go down and then it's going to sustain our transit."

Galvin says the project will help Charlottesville become more sustainable by making the city more walkable and bikeable.

The building will also include the Dairy Market Food Hall, which has room for 18 vendors and will be anchored by a Starr Hill brewpub. Construction on that started last year and is expected to be done in 2020.

"We see Dairy Market as a living room for the apartment addition to all the amenities that will be provided on site in the apartment building," said President of Stony Point Development Group, Chris Henry.

Developers say the Dairy Central apartments will take about 18 months to build. Galvin says the city will get tax revenue from the project that will go toward building more affordable housing.