CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - On Tuesday night, candidates on the ballot to serve in the next Virginia General Assembly talked legislation for helping those with medical disabilities. They gathered at Arc of the Piedmont for a “Coffee & Chat” to share their views with the public.

All seven candidates showed up at Tuesday night's event and weighed in on several topics about medical disabilities. All of them agreed these conversations need to be held more often.

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Provider Coalition put together a list of questions that are most concerning to individuals with disabilities. Some of the top concerns revolve around community-based services and employment for individuals with DD.

Other topics included how thousands of Virginians are on the Medicaid waiver waiting list and how waiver reimbursement rates are currently based on outdated information from 2013. The General Assembly recently passed a tax relief legislation, which allowed eligible taxpayers to get money back.

Some candidates do not agree with the program.

“People really like the $110 to $220, but for me, I would have been more than happy to give it back. I know there are millions of other Virginians who would have been more than happy to give it back in order to fund the $50 million that should have gone into the budget,” said 24th District Candidate Annette Hyde.

"All these bills go through sub committees and committees and they say go to appropriation and okay well where are you going to get the money, well let's start off with a proposed budget that does have the money built into it as much money as we can to increase our waivers and get our clients and our families back on track,” said 65th District Candidate Michael Asip.

Service rates and living wage are also on the list of priorities for those with disabilities. All of the candidates agreed that in order for these issues to be changed, people need to get out and vote for people who care about their communities.