GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - You can get a free flu shot in Greene County on Thursday night and help the Thomas Jefferson Health District practice emergency response.

The exercise is part of the Virginia Department of Health's emergency preparedness. It tests the staff's ability to give out mass amounts of medication and vaccines in a quick, timely, and efficient manner.

To take part, you have to live in Greene County. Health workers at Nathaniel Greene Elementary School are counting how many people they can treat in the couple of hours.

"This is the perfect time to do it," said Emergency Coordinator Jessica Salah. "Flu season is beginning to pick up right now, it's not at its peak but giving people vaccines now will let the vaccine get situated in the body so that when flu season peaks in November, December, January, and March, they are already vaccinated for it."

Health workers have a total of up to 600 vaccines to give out on Thursday night. At the end of the exercise, they will write a report to see if they need more workers, supplies, or other materials to support the public if needed.

The flu shots will be given out until 7 p.m.