10/10/2019 Press Release from Louisa County Sheriff's Office:

Update on Goat Seizure:

A seizure Hearing was held this morning in Louisa County General District Court with the following outcome:

  • Forfeiture of 67 goats – 
    • One goat was euthanized at veterinarian recommendation after seizure
  • 1 dog (Great Pyrenees) was returned to owner
  • $8000.00 Restitution ordered.

Owner has ten days to appeal with a requirement of a $20,000.00 surety bond.

“If you are having difficulty caring for your animals, please reach out to the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division or the Louisa County Animal Shelter and we can provide resources to assist you” 

Original Release:

Louisa County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip about several goats or sheep in poor condition on Wickham Rd.  Animal Control Officers (ACO) responded to the area of Wickham Rd and were able to locate the goats at 2723 Wickham Rd, that were clearly visible from the roadway.  There appeared to be between 50-60 goats in what they believed to be very poor wool condition, (Severely overgrown, matted and coated with feces and flies). Due to the matting a body score was difficult to obtain, but several appeared to have extreme difficulty walking and appeared to be walking on their front knees.  The owner was not present when officers arrived on scene or for the duration of their visit. Contact was made with a veterinarian who agreed to meet at the residence for an assessment.  A search warrant was obtained for the residence and served on Monday September 9, 2019.   

The veterinarian completed a field evaluation/assessment where it was found that the animals were suffering from severely overgrown hooves, severely overgrown and matted fleece, severe hoof rot, leg deformities, pizzle rot, and malnutrition.   Subsequent to the assessment and the veterinarian’s recommendation, 67 goats and one dog were seized from the property, pending custody hearing. One goat that was in extremely poor condition and suffering, was euthanized at the veterinarian’s recommendation.  

After further investigations it was also determined that another goat that had recently been dropped off to a veterinarian by the owner, has died. This incident is still under investigation and charges may be pending after seizure hearing.