ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People in Ivy looking for a cup of coffee and a chicken salad sandwich will have to look elsewhere starting on Friday.

Toddsbury of Ivy is closing its doors after 25 years in business. The store has been serving the Ivy community gas, coffee, and fresh made-to-order food for decades.

In the years since opening, owner Bruce Kirtley says while the selection of beer, wine, and food has improved, the people in the community have remained the same. It's those people he says he will miss the most.

"Gosh, we've had people coming in and taking pictures," Kirtley said. "I knew we were popular, I knew we impacted people, but I didn't realize there would be this sense of sadness and all I can say is 'thanks.'"

To the people of Ivy, the Toddsbury employees have become almost like family.

"To watch someone like family...and everyone that's worked over there for 25 years like we have, it's very sad, there's lots of tears," said Heather Walton of Ivy Corner Garden Center.

Many of Toddsbury's workers have been there since the store opened in 1994.

"All of them were good moments. All of them were good times and it's a shame to see the place go," said employee Buck Wood.

Kirtley says he and his wife Bonnie don't have plans for other stores after Toddsbury closes. Instead, they plan to spend their retirement traveling.

You can still visit Toddsbury until 8:30 p.m. on Friday.