CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - On Tuesday night, the Charlottesville Planning Commission approved a request to re-designate land in Charlottesville that could bring more housing to the city.

The request from Southern Development Homes sought to rezone land at the corner of Maury Avenue and Stadium Road from ‘low density’ to ‘high density’ residential. Commissioners also discussed language in the amendment to limit the units from being used as short-term rentals, such as hotels and Airbnb’s. 

"A hotel is not habitable residential floor space. A daycare is not a habitable residential floor space. So let's not be naïve to have we've got in front of us,” said Lisa Green, Charlottesville City Planner.

Earlier this year, the planning commission recommended approval of a rezoning of that area from single-family to multi-unit residential. The amendment aligns the comp plan and zoning in that area.