William Monroe High School linebacker Xzabia Kolpack is the Falcon Club Player of the Week.

"The whole defense was clicking. It was a team effort. It was nothing special. Once they got in there they opened up holes and blitzes for me to go through and stuff like that," says Kolpack.

He had thirteen tackles in Friday night's 22-15 win over Western Albemarle. 

"The way we looked at it and having two weeks to prepare, our ends and our outside backers, and he's our strong back to the field side. We were hoping he would have a big night and he did," says head coach Jon Rocha.

Xzabia also had two sacks, three tackles for a loss, and two pass breakups.

"I always wish I could do better thought. I had a couple misses here and there. It's pressure now, because now I have to do well next week," says Kolpack.