CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Church of the Holy Comforter celebrated The Feat of Our Lady of the Rosary on Sunday. It is to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus, but it is also about public displays of faith and community. The celebration involved parading a statue of Mary through Downtown Charlottesville.

"A key thing for anyone of faith is to witness to it publicly. So when we take the statue of the blessed mother we are showing our devotion toward her and we're proud to be Catholic," says Matt Blumenfeld, a parishioner at the church.

"There can be a lot of focus on just like the negative parts of Christianity and it's really nice to just show that you know we just want to pray to God and show that we love Jesus and we love his mother," says Samantha Van-Dyke, a worshiper at the church.

The members of the church pray to the rosary to obtain peace in the community and the world.