CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - An art exhibit in Charlottesville is hoping to break the stigma around the city's most vulnerable population. 'Shelter Life' was on display at CitySpace on Friday night, highlighting what life is like inside the PACEM shelter.

People and Congregations Engaged in Ministry (PACEM) help provide shelter for homeless people during months of severe weather.

Charlottesville photographer, Mai Shurtleff, hopes displaying pictures might help people think twice before jumping to conclusions. "Don't judge the book by its cover, so to speak. Not everybody is going to be what you think when they're out there on the streets and they're asking for money, or they're asking for food everybody has a different story from where they came

Shurtleff says most of the people photographed struggle with mental health issues and hopes to see more resources available for them in the future. PACEM will be launching its shelter season on October 26 this year.