CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Members of the Planning and Coordination Council solidified plans to dissolve two groups, including their own, with hopes of replacing them with something better.

The group helps to shepherd growth challenges the city of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the University of Virginia are facing. It also makes sure the three jurisdictions are working with, not against, each other. The council has been doing behind-the-scenes work or more than three decades, but now deals with more complex issues while playing by rules set in 1986.

The group met at Zehmer Hall on Thursday afternoon to talk about the redefinition. The three-party agreement promotes cooperation in planning and community development. The new group would tackle environmental and infrastructure issues too.

"I really believe it's a much more collaborative and public process, but it will get at more of the issues that I think our communities are struggling with," said Albemarle County Supervisor Diantha McKeel.

A restructure would also add staff from City Hall and the County Office Building who are more involved in the planning process.

"I personally felt like we have real opportunity here, especially with new leadership in all three jurisdictions like what can we do to look at how we're really working together," said Charlottesville City Councilor Heather Hill.

The group would also add the Executive Director of Rivanna Authorities and two people from the University of Virginia Foundation.

The meetings would not be open to the public mainly because the New Land Use and Environmental Planning Committee can only advise the actual decision makers - the elected officials.

Some people in attendance at Thursday's meeting had concerns over transparency. Now, each locality will take up the issue in November and go from there.