STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - A group in the valley wants to make a statement about plastic this week in Downtown Staunton. Shenandoah Green is hosting an Earthtober kick off on Wednesday.

The grassroots organization wants to create an environmentally sustainable community. It’s inviting people to wear green and to bring all of their plastic to put on the steps of the Augusta County Courthouse.

"We can't recycle the plastic anymore. We actually can't do anything with it, because virgin plastic is so much cheaper than recycling plastic so the manufacturers of this are not gonna stop making it unless we the people kind of demand change,” said Georgi Tomisato of Shenandoah Green.

The Earthtober kick-off is on Wednesday, October 2 at 5:30 p.m. The program includes music and speakers.

Shenandoah Green Press Release:

Month-Long Reduce/Refuse Single-Use Plastics (Earthtober) Campaign Kick-Off    Oct. 2, 2019 – Program

Location:       Courthouse steps, 1 E. Johnson St. Staunton.

Set up:           4:15 p.m. set up mic system, banners, and chairs on steps

                      5:00 p.m. Sam Stoner, mc, starts to play music

                      5-5:30 p.m. attendees place plastic to make “horrifying mt.” at base of steps and put reusable bags in donation containers

                      5:15 p.m. speakers assemble on stage (wear green shirt if possible)

                      5:20 Andrew Carter, Greta & Willie perform music on stage

Program:      5:30 – Welcome by Sam

Caroline Sheridan teaches audience clap and reduce/reuse chant

Purpose – (4 min.) Georgi Tomisato explains the purpose of this campaign and a little background of Shenandoah Green.

National Plastic Pollution Picture – (10 min.) Bo Cutter, Board of Ocean Conservancy, will give some statistics on plastic on land and in the ocean; scientists’ prognosis of state of plastic in oceans; what citizens can do.

State Plastic Pollution Update – (5 min.) Elly Boehmer, State Dir. Of Environment Virginia, will explain outreach to citizens and to state decision makers regarding plastic pollution.

Local School Response – (5 min) Amanda Warren, Staunton City Schools Administrator, will explain the changes, in all Staunton City Schools, replacing plastics.

Local College Actions - (5 min.) Nikki Balough, student, what green choices Mary Baldwin students and staff are encouraging.

 Education & Advocacy - (4 min) Jay Sullivan, Engineering prof. at VMI shows schematic of 15 foot The Whale that will contain our mt. of plastic. It is a replica of the real, juvenile whale found dead in the Philippines with 88 lbs. of plastic in its stomach.  It will be on an 8 x 18 flatbed and will be available for anyone to borrow as an educational tool.  Explain who built this whale for us!


*Erik Curren, city council, (1 min) announce Oct 9th 100% Renewable Energy meeting

*Georgi, announce Go Green Bank and how to borrow tableware

Closing - Carolyn Dull, mayor, summary of event and lead the singing of This Land accompanied by musicians.

Sam plays music while people talk and leave