CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville City Councilors and the Charlottesville Planning Commission are examining ways to make the streets more accessible for everyone. On Monday night, they held a joint work session to discuss roadway upgrades and sustainability.

Councilors and planners reviewed the Charlottesville standards and design manual to find ways for people to get out of their vehicles.

"The key idea is to give people options, rather than force everyone to do the same thing, just to give people a healthy option, a safe option,” said Lyle Solla-Yates, planning commissioner.

"Our last manual was I think adopted in 2008 and the last duration of this started in 2006,” said Public Works Director Marty Silman.

One of the biggest topics discussed is what to do about block lengths around the city.

"Block lengths are huge. We've had this history of very auto-oriented rules which was the fashion for years and years and we're looking back at the city more and more going, ‘oh wait, the city is older than cars',” said Solla-Yates.

Planners say infrastructure plays a critical role in transportation.

"Having good design criteria is sort of the starting point for having good infrastructure and that's sort of the basis of what our transportation system is built on,” said Silman.

Another public comment session will be held before an updated draft is put together, then it will go before Charlottesville City Council for a vote.