CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - University of Virginia’s Class of 2020 is hoping to spread gratitude on and off grounds. It’s launching a Class Giving campaign with a week of projects that give back to the community.

On Monday, UVA’s Class of 2020 kicked off its Class Giving campaign at Grit Coffee on The Corner. Fourth-year students showed their receipts and got back what they paid for a cup of coffee.

Class members then encouraged them to pay it forward, and use what they saved to do other good deeds in the neighborhood.

On Tuesday, they have a Mac n' Cheese Happy Hour at the Virginian, with a similar concept. On Wednesday, they invite fourth-year students to write notes of advice to first-year students and professors who impacted them the most.

Lastly, on Thursday they invite students to share Popsicles as part of a 'Get a Pop, Give a Pop' event.

"This week is launching that campaign, so really trying to have fourth years start thinking about gratitude a lot, whether that's making their gift right now or thinking about what's been meaningful for them in their time at the university. So all of these events have that common goal,” said Harper North, Class Giving co-chair.

All of the events during this launch week are centered on this year's class giving theme of 'in reverence and thankfulness.'

The campaign doesn't stop this week. The class of 2020 will continue their class giving projects throughout the year until they graduate in May.

For information about the events, you can click here.