MADISON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People who live in Madison County on Tuesday night shared personal stories about the Madison County Animal Shelter, currently being investigated over allegations it unnecessarily euthanized animals. On Tuesday night some of them took their concerns to the county board of supervisors.

Virginia State Police and the Virginia Department of Agriculture launched an investigation at the end of last month, but now people are coming forward asking for more transparency from the shelter in the future. People in Madison County are searching for answers with its animal shelter under investigation.

"I had been told Madison County is a no-kill shelter. No-kill,” said Holly Brooks, who lives in Madison.

"I had a stray show up at my house. I called the shelter and was assured it's a no-kill shelter, that emphatically they would not put this animal down, they would send it to rescue, they would go to all means to make sure this animal found a home, and again it's a no-kill shelter, within 10 days the animal was killed,” said Roxanne Barnes, who lives in Madison.

The investigation against the county-operated shelter was launched last month after a former employee came forward on social media with allegations of animal neglect and unnecessary euthanizations. According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture, the shelter put down 236 of the 480 cats it took in last year.

Brooks told the board she took in eight stray cats and says shelter officials told her they were adopted. "I saw the intake sheets. They were killed the next day after I brought them in, some of those were really nice cats."

People who live in Madison hope that the investigation leads to safer practices and more transparency.

"I don't understand the policies of the shelter, and when you ask somebody nobody else does either so I think there needs to be a clarification when all of this gets straightened out,” said Brooks.

County officials would not comment on the matter. Right now, the state police investigation is ongoing. Officials with the Virginia Department of Agriculture said its investigation into the shelter could be complete as early as next week.