What a weekend it was for the Virginia men's basketball team.   The 'Hoos welcomed back to Charlottesville Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter and Ty Jerome as the team raised the 2019 national championship banner at a formal event at John Paul Jones Arena.

"A lot of people saying, why are you wearing a tie coach Bennett. I said I'll wear a tie to a funeral, I'll wear a tie for a wedding, and I'll wear a tie for a national championship celebration," says coach Tony Bennett.

The players all received their championship rings, then showed them off at the UVa football game Saturday night.

The team was recognized after the first quarter.  Kyle Guy hoisted the championship trophy.

De'Andre Hunter and Ty Jerome swapped NBA jerseys.   Hunter wore Jerome's Phoenix Suns jersey.  Hunter wore Jereome's Atlanta Hawks jersey.

All three guys had to tell coach Tony Bennett in April, they were leaving UVa early to enter the NBA draft.

"He said he couldn't be happier for me,." says Kyle Guy.  "He knew this was going to happen when he recruited all of us. He saw something in a very scrawny kid back in the day, as you can see I'm very filled out now."

"Whatever number I was picked I was pretty sure I was going to have an NBA contract next year," says Ty Jerome.  "It just became I want to go to the NBA when I feel best to do so. I don't really think winning a national championship changed it, it just made it easier to say goodbye."

Bennett says Virginia going from the first ever one-seed to lose to a 16-seed in the NCAA tournament... to national champions a year later, is one of the greatest sports stories ever.

"And then on top of that the guys that we had were just really high character guys," says Guy,  "We had our haters but at the end of the day, a lot of guys respected us as people more than players and I think that resignated with a lot of people."

"Just to go out as we did is unbelievable," says Jereome.  "Not a lot of people accomplish that. The journey is the most special part."