ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - In October 2017, NBC29 spoke with an injured veteran and his wife just after they were gifted a new house in Crozet. Now, NBC29s Daniel Grimes is catching up with the growing family in what has truly become their home.

Two years ago, Corporal Kevin Blanchard and his wife Myra were in need of a special home.

"I was in the Marine Corp. I was injured in 2005, so I have a prosthetic below the knee and I was in a wheelchair for 13 months - 33 surgeries,” said Kevin. “I applied for this home as a handicap accessible home to help my wife and me to begin our family."

Kevin was injured in Iraq near the Syrian border in 2005. “I was the driver of the Humvee. We were on patrol, and I ran over the bomb. It exploded underneath the floorboard. It took my left leg below the knee, nearly my right.”

Despite his trauma, Kevin turned a handicapped-accessible house into his home and inspiration to build his strength.

“I've been working so much on my personal fitness and my health journey. I've been able to translate that into being a personal trainer myself,” said Kevin.

The Blanchard's added two new additions to their household since NBC29 first spoke to the couple - their son, Beau, and their dog, Socrates.

“It means family so you know as soon as we got the home we got our American Mastiff, Socrates, and now we have Beau here so it means everything,” said Myra.

The family is putting down roots and won't be leaving their home anytime soon.

“For as long as we can envision right now, right? Yeah. One day at a time but we're going to be here for a while,” stated Myra and Kevin.

Blanchard also told NBC29 he plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Chris Long to raise money for wells in Tanzania. If you want to donate to Blanchard’s climb, you can click here.