WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Waynesboro city leaders have now chosen a route for phase three of the South River Greenway. Early last year, the city received $1 million to build this section of Greenway which connects Loth Springs to Ridgeview Park - but the public wasn't happy with the route.

In June, the city presented five different options and launched a survey. The results are in and most people chose 14th Street so that's what the city is going with.

"I think the decision is the right decision. The city was cautious and discerning about what they did decide, and how they decided it. It's probably the best option that we have,” said Marcia Geiger, with Friends of the Tree Streets.

The city is also moving forward with a grant application to help fund phase four of the South River Greenway connecting North Park to Basic Park.