GREENE COUNTY, VA – Greene County Broadband Initiative Committee, Greene County, and CenturyLink have completed a joint application for the Department of Housing Community Development, Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) grant. If the grant funding is awarded, 320 households that currently have no broadband access would have access to 1G fiber broadband internet. The VATI grant awards will be announced in January 2020.

Access to reliable internet service is vital for economic growth, education and even quality healthcare and safety.

“We think of vital infrastructure as being roads, pipes, and electrical lines. Broadband internet service is now part of that list” commented Tammy Breski with the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Funding for the $475,000 project is being supported by grant funding from Virginia Telecommunications Initiative ($142,500), and CenturyLink ($332,500).

“In today’s economy access to broadband is critical to support entrepreneurs and allow companies and citizens the flexibility to work from home. The importance of broadband access in the areas of education and telemedicine is growing exponentially each year.” shared Dale Herring, Board of Supervisors Liaison to the Broadband Initiative Committee. “Greene County is grateful to our partner CenturyLink for their financial support and willingness to expand service options in the county.”

The project area covers 320 residents and several businesses and would provide 1G broadband to the Greene Acres and Little Mountain Estates communities along with the homes and businesses in the Shady Grove area beginning with the Mission Home area and continuing along Simmons Gap Road along the southern border of Greene and Albemarle counties.

“The Broadband Initiative Committee is going to continue to look for opportunities and partners to expand broadband access to other unserved areas of our community.” said Supervisor Herring.