CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Rising temperatures, turbulent weather, and increased carbon emissions were among the topics of discussion at a climate change forum in Charlottesville on Sunday afternoon.

The Piedmont Master Gardeners Association and Virginia Cooperative Extension hosted ‘The Future of Our Landscapes in a Changing Environment’ at the Paramount Theater. Presenters aimed to educate attendees about the role human’s play in climate change, and how they can work to reverse it.

"Plants use carbon dioxide so getting a lot of plants really is the best way to go to get to start to diminish it. Keeping it in the soil is another way to diminish it,” said Francis (Frank) J. Reilly, Jr., a senior consultant and research fellow with the Logistics Management Institute and principal scientist with The Reilly Group.

Among the presenters was Dennis Dimick, a former photo editor for national geographic, and Jeremy Hoffman, a climate and earth scientist at the Science Museum of Virginia.