ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A wildlife rehabilitator made a stop in Albemarle County on Sunday to educate the community on how to help injured animals. Sarah Cooperman with the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary led the ‘Our Wild Neighbors’ talk at Ivy Creek Natural Area on Sunday afternoon.

She covered what specialists do in wildlife rehabilitation, how to treat animals, and how they are released back into the environment. Cooperman brought a box turtle, a corn snake, and a possum along with her for the lesson.

"A lot of folks don't even know that wildlife rehab is a field so if you come across an animal in crisis for example, we are kind of the people that you can call so if you're ever driving along the road and you see a hurt animal, if you find a bunch of baby squirrels in your yard and you can't relocate the mom we are a resource for those kinds of situations,” said Cooperman.

In 2018, the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary helped more than 800 animals ranging across 64 different species.