CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Strokes are the leading cause of death and long-term adult disability. One Charlottesville fitness studio is doing its part to help change that by educating the community and raising money for stroke research.

Purvelo on Main Street in Charlottesville hosted a 'Spokes for Strokes Spin-A-Thon' on Saturday where dozens of people rode out all their energy to support the University of Virginia Stroke Center.

The event featured three 30 minute spin classes for people to ride to the rhythm and get active. The money raised will help fund lifesaving research into cervical artery dissection, which is a condition caused by a tear in an artery that could cause a stroke. Researchers say they still don't know a lot about it. Money raised today will also help researchers discover what causes strokes in kids.

“We really just want the community to know that stroke impacts everyone, it does not discriminate, it's a cruel disease and we want to empower community members to know when a stroke is coming so that be fast balance any change in your vision, facial slurring, speech change if there's any weakness on one side of your body, we want to seek emergency services as soon as possible,” said Abby Rieman, UVA program stroke manager.

The UVA Stroke Center is Charlottesville's only comprehensive stroke center. Researchers say maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise can help prevent strokes, as well as managing risk factors including high blood pressure.