ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County Fire Rescue is now better equipped to take care of pets when a fire breaks out.

Invisible Fence Brand stopped by Monticello Fire Rescue Station Wednesday, September 4, to donate ten pet oxygen mask kits. These kits will be put to immediate use throughout the department to help animals in need at the scene of a fire.

"What these kits are going to be able to do is provide them the tools they need to save house pets in case of a fire. With the pet oxygen masks, they're actually able to seal around the pets snouts to be able to provide them oxygen when they are brought out of a fire," said Steve Monaghan, Invisible Fence Brand.

Albemarle County Fire Rescue reached out to Invisible Fence Brand to request the donation following a fire at Pet Paradise in Charlottesville.

"Having these masks available is really important to us. It can really make a difference any time that we've got a pet involved in a house fire," Albemarle County Fire Rescue Deputy Chief John Oprandy said.

“If you've lost your house and all your possessions, but they can show you, ‘hey we saved your dog.’ That makes the world of difference in that moment," said Monaghan.

First responders will need to do a little training on how to best use the masks. The kits will be primarily used on the county's rescue ambulances since the medics are the ones who tend to treat animal survivors.