FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - An animal shelter in Fluvanna County needs help adopting out some of its cats with a virus that people usually shy away from. Now, the shelter staff is looking to break down the stigma of the conditions the cats and kittens have.

Caring for Creatures has about 25 cats that have tested positive for either feline immunodeficiency virus or feline leukemia virus. Even though cats with these conditions are kept separately from other felines at the sanctuary, staff say their upkeep, heath care, and personality are just like any other cat.

If you adopt a cat with FIV, it can be in a home with other cats that do not have the disease because the virus is only transferable through deep bit wounds. However, if you adopt a cat with leukemia, it needs to be alone or with other FeLV-positive cats.

"We know these cats and their personalities and what they're like and they're wonderful and so when one of them gets that opportunity for a home, it just makes our day," said founder of Caring for Creatures, Mary Birkholz.

Both viruses are only transferable to other cats and cannot be contracted by humans or other animals.

Staff at Caring for Creatures say they have a wait-list of more than a dozen cats with either virus that are waiting to be taken in. They're hoping some of these cats will be adopted soon so they can make room for new arrivals.