AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Augusta County leaders continue to work toward improving internet access for the people who live there. Supervisors are considering partnering with an internet service provider to compete for grant money.

The broadband committee is proposing two projects, one that would add a tower to Middlebrook and one that would add fiber for Deerfield.

The grant money could cover up to 80% of the projects. 

"Augusta County has a significant issue where we obviously have a lot of internet need, but the way the grant is written is they want a large swatch of land to need internet. And if you look at our map we look like a shotgun has hit Augusta County,” said Supervisor Marshall Pattie. “So there's little pockets where we have significant need right next to pockets that have areas covered by internet access.”

Supervisors will vote on the applications Wednesday night.

If you live in Augusta County you have until the end of October to fill out an internet survey, which is available online here.