CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - One of the men convicted in a violent beating on August 12, 2017 has learned his fate in Charlottesville Circuit Court Tuesday. The sentencing hearing for Tyler Watkins Davis took 6 hours to go over evidence and arguments from both sides.

Judge Richard Moore sentenced Davis to a total of 10 years for his role in the beating of DeAndre Harris. However, Davis will only spend two years and one month behind bars.

Davis had entered an Alford plea to malicious wounding back in February. An Alford plea meaning he admits there is enough evidence to convict him of that charge.

The charge stems from the attack on DeAndre Harris inside the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, 2017. Several other men - Daniel Patrick Borden, Jacob Scott Goodwin and Alex Michael Ramos - have already been sentenced in that violent incident.

The defense argued that the violent events of the day contributed to a man with no criminal or violent record committing a violent act.

In closing arguments, prosecutors said he caused the most significant injury to Harris' head when he was beaten inside the garage.

Judge Moore sentenced Davis to 10 years for his role in the beating. He suspended seven years and two months of sentence.  He counted the three months Davis had spent in jail before being released on house arrest, and the half year that Davis spent on house arrest, towards the sentence as well.  Davis will serve two years and one month behind bars.

Following his release Davis will be on supervised prohibition for three years. He is barred from contacting DeAndre Harris for 10 years.

The judge noted that while Davis had made steps towards rehabilitation that did not discount his role in the brawl. He also noted Davis was the first to strike Harris with a weapon. Ultimately, the judge said that Davis’ rehabilitation did not undo his actions that day, which he said helped tear the fabric of Charlottesville apart.

Davis' sentencing wraps up more than a year's worth of prosecutions in the city following the Unite the Right rally including Harris' other three attackers, James Fields Jr., and Richard Preston.

“We are hopeful those six prosecutions speak loud and clear about how this community and our office feels about individuals that come here from out of the area to perpetrate hateful acts of violence on others,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Joe Platania.