CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Pet Paradise fire that took place on August 18 left many pet owners worried about what happened to their animals. Now that the animals have been reunited with their owners, some of them would like to thank the volunteers who took care of their beloved pets after the scary experience.

Dog owners Paula Tomko and Ashley Rogers are both excited to be reunited with their dogs. 

"He was very happy to see me shortly after that he was pretty tired," said Rogers.

"It just makes my heart feel good cause they are my babies," said Tomko.

Rogers returned home from Texas to find out her dog, Scooby, had been evacuated and began calling local vet hospitals to try to find him.

"Well I was lucky I found him at the first one and the only reason why I picked it was because it was the closest," said Rogers.

Tomko was also out of town and used social media to track her dogs, Izzy and Zelda, down.

"I messaged Wakefield on Facebook and said 'I think you have my Zelda, here she is here's a picture' and they were like 'no, we don't have her'," said Tomko.

Manager of Wakefield Kennel, Jennifer Matthews helped take in 15 animals from the fire and made it her mission to reunite the dogs with their owners.

"We didn't have Zelda at the time but I told her if we had any information we would get it to her and eventually Zelda and Izzy came to us," said Matthews. "Dogs are our lifeline they are our heart and our soul and we knew that they would need a safe haven we were happy more than happy to be that."

Not all the pet owners were as lucky as Tomko and Rogers. Two pets died as a result of the blaze. Rogers wants to see the kennel take accountability.

"People are going to want to seek some justice in this situation," said Rogers.

The cause of the Pet Paradise fire is still under investigation.