STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - A Staunton writer is working with an online, interactive book club that aims to engage kids in a new way. Secret Agent Mia's Book Club is designed to help children learn to love reading.

It offers personalized book recommendations, provides those books, and then helps kids reflect and understand what they read. Parents everywhere will be able to subscribe to Mia's Book Club. It's geared toward kids ages six to twelve.

"Mia is a great product for a book worm who is voracious.  Mia is a great product for a kid who loves books but is just not quite sure of how to define their interests. It's great for a child who can't find what is the common factor between the books that I like,” said Diana Black, Mia head writer.

Subscribers would receive unlimited online access and two books a month. A Crowdfunding campaign is underway.