CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville business is taking advantage of a new Virginia law allowing distilleries to manufacture and distribute spirits in the commonwealth.

Waterbird is producing canned cocktails right off the Downtown Mall to sell in grocery stores across state.

Virginia distilleries previously could not sell canned alcoholic drink - which must be under 7.5% alcohol content - in grocery stores. However, other companies following those same regulation outside of the state could.     

"The point is to try to create jobs and to try to create economic growth and opportunity, and this is one small place where we can do it,” said 57th District Delegate David Toscano. “We hope the Charlottesville business succeeds, and we hope that a lot of businesses around the commonwealth pop up as a result of this bill being passed.”

The House of Delegates changed the law during the recent legislative session. It took effect July 1.