GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Greene County is facing a funding problem when it comes to its recycling program. Supervisors are expected to get an update on the issue during a meeting Tuesday, August 13, but as of now, the county will significantly downsize its operation by the end of the month.

“It's not a situation that we come to happily, but it's one that we find to be an economic necessity in the short run," Greene County Administrator Mark Taylor said. 

With no market for some recycling material, Greene County is currently paying for these items to be sent to a landfill along with regular garbage. The county's solid waste manager estimates the cost of doing this will amount to at least $6,000 over the next year.

Greene County's recycling center will stop accepting all plastics – No. 1 through No. 7- all paper, and all glass on September 1.

"It's been a persistent enough problem and a challenging enough problem, and an expensive enough problem that we felt particularly in this lean budget year that it is necessary to suspend the acceptance of those materials," Taylor said.

Patrick Pierce says he is upset the decision was made without any input from the community. He's hoping to change the administrative decision by lobbying supervisors.

"Hopefully it'll be changed, or something can be done to mitigate it or modify it," Pierce said.

Supervisors will get and update on the issue around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the County Administration Building.

The recycling center near Stanardsville will still accept cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, and tin.