GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Insurance costs could be going up for some people in Greene County. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is releasing a flood of new information, and the county office wants to be sure the newly released data sinks in.

FEMA's proposed flood map changes that will affect quite a few people in Greene County. The map includes new homes, barns, and businesses in Greene County, where the owners may be required to purchase flood insurance once the map is confirmed. 

“FEMA has used scientific analysis to determine what the flood plane is. They've used LIDAR for some of it to map the elevations,” said Jim Frydl, planning director and zoning administrator. “Go to Green County Planning and Zoning website. In the center of our page, there is a link to the FEMA map, and you can type in your address and it will show where the floodplain changes are.”

The new floodplain map is focusing on low spots. You can appeal if you think the new map is wrong, but you will need science on your side.

“So you can appeal whether or not your property is truly in the floodplain, but the basis for that has to have a scientific background. So you need a hydrologist, a surveyor or some other type of engineer that proves that their models, what they used to show where the water will go in a flood or the elevations that they used are incorrect,” said Frydl.

The changes could affect hundreds of people.

“There are 340 new structures that were not in the old flood plain that are in the proposed new flood plain and it's about 1,800 structures total,” said Frydl.

If those buildings carry a mortgage you may have to pay for coverage.

“If your structure is newly added to the floodplain, you are required to get national flood insurance if you have a federally backed mortgage. Most private insurances will require it too,” said Frydl.

You have until November 6 to appeal the new flood map. If you have any questions you can contact Jim Frydl, planning director and zoning administrator.