CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People in Charlottesville are working on ways to get the community involved and move forward, two years after white supremacists took to the city’s streets and spread division. The Call to Action Resource Fair, a Unity Days Event in Market Street Park on Saturday, August 11, brought attention not to the Robert E. Lee statue, but to the people and organizations that bring new ideas to this city.

People visit tables at the Call to Action Resource Fair

 The Unity Days Committee has planned 80 events to bring people in Charlottesville together, especially during the anniversary weekend.

“This whole weekend has been kinda still traumatizing for me but as long as I’m out celebrating. Its more about celebrating this day.” said Rosia Parker, a community leader assisting the Unity Days table.

On Sunday, groups planning action to bring change to the area gathered with information and ways people can get involved.

“This is what community looks like, everyone here in the park, engaged, and don’t forget to take a look at the history signs.” said Charlene Green, of Charlottesville’s Office of Human Rights.

Some children were excited to learn how they can get involved in causes they are passionate about.

“Advertise it tell people about it, wear the pins!” said Nevaeh Woods.

“There’s some groups that really need help and some that don’t need as much help so i want to know which ones really need help and I already visited one.” said Avery Webb.

The Unity Days team put up signs in the park of people like Mary Carr Greer, who Greer Elementary School is named after.

“So all of our attention is around the folks who helped make Charlottesville what it is and not just that statue up there.” said Green.

Parker and others are still healing from the events of August 2017, but bringing people together is also bringing her peace.

“I just feel good that there’s resources here so that people can actually come out and see that Charlottesville, the citizens, aren’t sitting around waiting for government, local government or whoever feels that we are not doing the part,” she said. “That we are out here doing the part and we’re reclaiming back market street park.”

Unity Days events will still be going on until the end of August. Next weekend, you can help send kids back to school with a positive attitude at a family fun day event.