CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville mother is looking to expand the options children have when it comes to playtime at school. Christa Bennett has started an initiative called A Playground for Walker.

Right now, Walker Elementary School does not have a playground - instead children can play on a blacktop, basketball court or in a field. Bennett has children at the school and is encouraging other parents to get involved in this initiative.

“It has to do with how their brains are coming online and how their brains are developing. Mr. Rodgers said play is a work of childhood and it's really true it's not just that they're doing something that actually doesn't have a purpose, but the way that our bodies move helps our brains develop,” said Christa Bennett, parent.

Bennett plans to present a formal petition for the play area to the city council in the next few months. A Playground for Walker already has support from some councilors and the school's principal.