University of Virginia head football coach Bronco Mendenhall says one of the biggest differences in training camp this year has been his receivers making big plays and catching more 50/50 balls.

Mendenhall singled out receiver Terrell Chatman as a playmaker.   Chatman is a 6-foot-3 grad transfer from Arizona State.   The speedster has a good relationship with quarterback Bryce Perkins, going back a couple years when the two guys were teammates at Arizona State.

"I feel like I can stretch the field," says Chatman.  "I feel like I can help this team stretch the field and give a lot of guys who have the ability to run short and intermediate routes a chance to get home. I'm just here to do whatever I can for the team to win the ACC."

"It's great having him back," says Perkins.  "He was a really good friend back at ASU, he was my roommate. What he brings is, his arms are so long his catch radius is amazing and his speed is too, and his routes. He's just an all around receiver that can spread the field."

Chatman adds, "If he sees something he likes he'll give me a signal and I catch on to it fast and it's just natural. It's a natural feeling for us."