CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People can be seen zipping on electric scooters all around Charlottesville. Right now, there is not a specific way to report accidents to the state when they happen, but the city is finding a way.

Charlottesville hasn't seen many accidents involving these scooters, and they are currently categorized as bicycles when an accident does happen.

"Because they are self-propelled, and I know they have a little help with the electric motor, but they're pretty close to the same as a bicycle because they are a low-speed vehicle," said Charlottesville Police Corporal Jeff Sandridge.

Virginia is exploring the option of adding "electric scooters" as a category on crash data reports to better track accidents. However, the biggest issues the Charlottesville is facing are people leaving scooters where they are not supposed to and riding in places they shouldn't.

There is no timeline on when the category would be added, but it would give police departments across the commonwealth more accurate information.

Charlottesville police remind people electric scooters can only be ridden in bicycle lanes and not on the sidewalks, and never on the Downtown Mall.