As environmental sustainability becomes more of a focus in 2019, it is important that we take care of this location and ensure that it continues to closely resemble paradise as much as possible. As it is a popular tourist location, tourism is one of the main drivers for the economy of the island, as well as and the nation. Ensuring that the location is in the best condition it can be, will not only do wonders for the locals but it will also attract more visitors. This is what inspired Jack Brown, co-founder of the Invest Islands Foundation.

The Need for Environmental Sustainability in Lombok

Whilst there is a small problem with waste and litter in Lombok, that shouldn’t distract you from the natural beauty that surrounds every step you take. There is a focus from the Indonesian government to develop Lombok in a similar way to its close neighbour Bali. This will redefine the tourism industry, as well as the economy for Lombok and Indonesia as a whole.

As the majority of Indonesia relies on tourism for economic sustainability, the presence of litter on the beaches and land can have a detrimental effect on tourism. Indonesia, in general, is a popular vacation spot for Australians in particular due to the short flight, and therefore, every effort should be made to keep the environment clean and safe. It is equally important, however, to educate the locals and work together as a community for a sustainable future.

With additional routes through budget airlines, Lombok and the surrounding islands are more accessible than ever. This makes it more important to consider the natural beauty of these landscapes and to promote sustainable tourism when visiting. Education is an important factor here, not just for the locals in Lombok but the whole world. These idyllic locations should be enjoyed and kept in pristine condition so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation

Jack Brown’s Invest Islands Foundation aims to make a difference to the environment in Indonesia. With the Indonesian government’s focus on developing Lombok, and the Invest Islands Foundation projects along with other charity group based on the island, Lombok will be a thriving location in the near future. Mr. Brown's vision is that every member of the community should have access to three major things: education, medical care, and basic amenities.

The first step of the project was to reduce the use of plastic on the island, which would result in a reduction of plastic waste. This goal was set to be achieved by 2020 which is a reasonable and effective timeframe. Plastic can cause many problems to the environment which is why it is important to protect the wonderful landscapes and fascinating marine life that surround Lombok.

The second step is awareness. While some beaches are known for having litter and waste, every effort is being taken by the government and in educating the locals to care for the location. Making locals and tourists aware of this is essential for keeping the island clean and protecting wildlife. Educational projects and initiatives will be funded for schools, businesses, tourists, and residents, to promote long-term sustainability and a cleaner future.

There will be significant efforts made to focus on the waste management problem and discover a method to safely implement a process that will provide a reliable solution to the waste problem. The main focus that Mr. Brown has is to use education as a resource to reduce waste pollution in the long-term, and to run volunteer projects in the short-term that will aim at reducing the waste on beaches and waterways.

One of the key areas of focus should be on educating the younger generations. They will grow up learning the effect that waste is having on our planet and the damage that it can cause to the environment they live in. It is also beneficial for all individuals to understand the true beauty of the locations we live in and get to visit, especially in a location such as Lombok.

Whilst the efforts in Lombok could be seen as a tiny step in comparison with the rest of the world, they are a step in the right direction. If other groups, individuals, foundations, and even governments could take action against the demonstrated problems, it would be a huge step in the right direction for global environmental sustainability.

Why Education Matters in Lombok

As time has progressed, more research and studies have become available to highlight the damages that waste can cause to the environment. Whilst the governments are making every effort to tackle the issue, it is beneficial that charity foundations are taking the right step in educating locals and tourists and working with the communities to make a difference.

If locals have never been educated previously on the effects of waste on the environment and the government is not acting, there really is very little that can be done. This is where the foundation can help matters in the short-term and long-term. Running educational programs is an ongoing effort that will need to be implemented into the communities for many years. Unfortunately, these efforts will not see results overnight and must be followed through.

With the correct educational programs, locals will be taught the effects that waste can have on the environment, and the knowledge learned can be sustained throughout the generations. With adults in the current age not receiving this education, it has not been passed on to the next generation which has led to the current problems we face today. Turning the future around to protect the environment starts with an education in the present.

Jack Brown and the Invest Islands Foundation are committed to making a change by providing support and educational programs to Lombok and the surrounding areas. Working together with the locals and the tourists to achieve a sustainable environment, better economy and attractive opportunities to invest in Lombok.

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