The Madison County High School football team is getting ready for the season with a brand new head coach.

Chandler Rhoads resigned in January after a record of 5-15 in two losing seasons with the Mountaineers.

Head coach Jon Rasnick now takes over.

“We’re changing everything. The way we flex, the way we walk through. There’s a lot of new stuff that we’re doing. There’s a lot of little things were working on to get those big victories,” says Rasnick.  

Rasnick is not new to this area. He has some Hornet blood in him. Rasnick is born and raised in Orange County, an OCHS football alum, and has spent the last two years as an assistant coach for the football program.

“Of course there’s a little bit of a rivalry, but I still work over at orange. We are going to scrimmage them, but we don’t play in the regular season or anything like that. I wish we did,” says Rasnick. 

Rasnick played college football at Glenville State. He is pleased with his players and sees potential in one in particular. 

“Jacob Sacra has done a great job turning into a leader, he’s a young guy. He’ll play a big part of offensive line and defensive line," says Rasnick. 

“I’m pumped up. I think it’ll be a lot different than last year. We lost a couple guys, but I think these guys are going to step up. They’re doing pretty good so far,” says Sacra.

Sacra is only a sophomore, however he has stepped into a leadership role. He has already received a division one offer from Liberty University.

“I’m pretty confident. “I don’t want to give up that many sacks this year or try not to give up any. I want to give a lot of tackles on defense," says Sacra. 

Rasnick has 18 seniors and is confident his team will execute his plan. 

“A big thing we’ve talked about with the kids is buying into the program and understanding what we’re trying to do. They might not understand it at the moment, but the more we do it the more they understand it. It’s a good group of kids. That’s one thing I've noticed. These kids are awesome, they’re great, they work hard and they’re ready for change,” says Rasnick.