CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - After more than a year of confusion, hurdles, and hard work, the group tasked with setting the guidelines for a permanent board to oversee the Charlottesville Police Department has finally presented its bylaws to City Council.

The members of the city's initial Civilian Review Board (CRB) went before Charlottesville City Council Monday to share their work from the past year. They asked for the permanent board to receive adequate funding and freedom to be able to do what they are tasked with to the best of their ability.

CRB members are recommending the permanent board receives the equivalent of 1% of the police department's budget in annual funding from the city, which equates to nearly $180,000. 

"The past year has not always been a smooth road. Yet, we would all willingly do it over again, because this work is larger than this Board or any individual member. In the end, this enterprise is about the crucial work of improving community-police relations through systemic change,” stated Guillermo Ubilla, and initial CRB member. 

Before a new permanent board can be in place, councilors will need to pass an ordinance, approve the proposed bylaws, and appoint new members since the initial board members are all coming to end of their terms.

"This is the first time they are really presenting it to us in a final form. As we look at next steps I see that council is obviously going to be considering that and working with our staff and other outside resources directly just to kind of get their perspectives,” said City Councilor Heather Hill.

The CRB members hope City Council approves the bylaws and passes the necessary ordinance by the end of the year so the permanent board can start holding meetings in 2020. 

City councilors say they will work with city staff to review bylaws and hope to take a formal vote at a meeting sometime in late August or early September.